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Deflection Heads Pre-Made Off-Site

  • MasterCut Profiles delivers deflection heads tailored to client specifications, pre-made offsite, and ready for installation, arriving pallet wrapped.
  • Our commitment to Quality Assured Construction is unwavering. We employ precision machine cutting for board works, ensuring millimetre-perfect accuracy and smooth edges.
  • Machine-cut edges eliminate undulation within board lengths, addressing concerns for air and fire testing. Our production team is well-skilled in manufacturer specifications, adhering to stringent quality checks based on the required specifications.
  • Enjoy a remarkable 98% reduction in waste management costs with MasterCut Profiles. Our deflection heads arrive on-site fully built, minimizing waste to only the off-cuts from wall-length installations.
Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services
Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services

Deflection Heads Pre-Made Off-Site

  • MasterCut profiles have found a way to reduce labour costs and maximize the utilization of space on construction sites by eliminating the need for on-site cutting and profile building. This can be a significant improvement for construction projects in terms of cost efficiency and space management.
  • By outsourcing or optimizing the profile-cutting process off-site, the company can potentially save on labour expenses and make better use of its available space for other construction activities. This approach could lead to increased productivity and cost savings for MasterCut profiles and their clients.
  • We take pride in dust and waste reduction. Plasterboard cutting for deflection heads often generates extensive dust, but this is entirely eliminated from the site environment when MasterCut Profiles is on board for client projects. This not only streamlines the process but also eliminates the need for our clients to provide FFP3 Masks and skill saws with extraction equipment for these tasks.
  • We are committed to sustainability and the ‘circular economy.’ MasterCut Profiles ensures that plasterboard waste is returned to the manufacturer, reducing our environmental impact and contributing to a more eco-friendly approach.

Deflection Heads Pre-Made Off-Site

  • Enhancing Air Quality and Safety on Site

    Plasterboard cutting for deflection heads can have a substantial impact on air quality during internal fit outs. However, with MasterCut Profiles Deflection Heads, this entire process is eliminated, leading to a significant improvement in ‘clean air’ for our client’s operatives and the overall site environment.

  • Prioritising Health and Safety

    MasterCut Profiles Deflection Heads not only contribute to improved air quality but also raise the health and safety standards on-site. By reducing dust, we mitigate potential respiratory hazards. Additionally, using our pre-made Deflection Heads eliminates the risk of nicks and cuts that can occur when using Stanley blades or skill saws during on-site construction.

Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services

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