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Plywood Pattresses / Noggings

  • Flexible Sizing

    MasterCut Profiles offers a wide range of pre-cut Plywood Pattresses, complete with the option for routed grooves or apertures, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Quality Assured Construction

    Our commitment to precision is unwavering. At MasterCut Profiles, we employ a meticulous machine-cutting process for our board works, ensuring millimetre-perfect accuracy and delivering impeccably smooth finished edges.

  • Rapid Install / Reduced Labour & Programme Time

    Our pre-cut Plywood Pattresses arrive on-site fully prepared for immediate installation. This allows our clients to efficiently allocate their labour resources to other critical tasks that cannot be pre-prepared and installed in advance.

  • Reduced Labour

    With our pre-cut Plywood Pattresses, there is no longer a need for our clients to dedicate extensive hours to cutting plywood sheets on-site.

  • 99% Reduction In Waste Management Costs

    MasterCut Profiles Pre-cut Pattresses arrive at the site ready for installation, leading to an outstanding 99% reduction in waste management costs.

Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services
Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services

Plywood Pattresses / Noggings

  • Improved Air Quality To Site Environment

    In the past, wood-cutting dust posed a significant threat to air quality during internal fitout construction. However, by adopting MasterCut Profiles Pre-cut Plywood Pattresses, this entire process is eliminated, resulting in a substantial enhancement of “clean air” for our client’s operatives and the overall site environment.

  • Health & Safety

    Wood dust can be a serious health concern when wood particles generated during processes like sanding and cutting become airborne. Inhaling these particles can lead to various health issues, including allergic respiratory symptoms, non-allergic respiratory symptoms, and even cancer. The precise risks associated with different wood types have not been definitively established. However, by utilising MasterCut Profiles Pre-cut Plywood Pattresses, you effectively eliminate these concerns regarding the health and safety of your operatives and the site environment. Your safety remains our top priority.

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