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Cut Plasterboard Strips

  • At MasterCut, we specialise in delivering top-tier plasterboard cutting services tailored for the dry lining sector. Our distinctive approach involves performing all plasterboard cutting off-site at our advanced factories. This strategic choice allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and lower costs compared to on-site methods.
  • Traditionally, on-site dry-lining processes have been plagued by issues such as wastefulness, inaccuracy, high expenses, and extensive labour requirements. In response, we’ve perfected the art of off-site plasterboard cutting, effectively eliminating these drawbacks.
  • Opting for off-site cutting of plasterboard strips not only guarantees a safer and more precise solution but also accelerates the overall project timeline, delivering superior results.”
Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services
Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services


Mastercut LTD | High Tech Offsite Cutting Services

Benefits of Off-Site Plasterboard Cutting

  • Cutting plasterboard on-site can be time-consuming, causing project delays. Opting for off-site strip cutting significantly accelerates project timelines.
  • Our expertise in off-site plasterboard cutting not only saves time but also reduces costs and resource consumption, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently to other project aspects.
  • On-site plasterboard cutting generates considerable dust, posing health risks. In contrast, off-site cutting is a safer method, producing minimal dust.
  • Our factory equipment ensures precise measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your plasterboard strips without the need for alterations.
  • Choosing off-site production reduces waste, making your project more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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